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“Politehnica” University of Timisoara is one of the biggest and most well-known technical universities from Central and Eastern Europe. It was founded in 1920, short time after the union in one state of all the romanian territories -supervened in the context of the political redefinitions in Europe, following at the end of the First World War-, in order to respond to the need of engineers felt by the Romanian society at that time, within the economical relaunching it assumed. During its almost 90 years of existence, “Politehnica” University of Timisoara produced over 100 000 engineers, very appreciated both in Romania and abroad, for their competence and seriousness. At present, “Politehnica“ University of Timisoara has 10 faculties and 4 independent departments. 15 000 students, 850 teaching staff and 900 administrative and auxiliary staff study, respectively, work within their framework.

UPT project team members
1. Assoc.prof.dr.eng. FRANCISC POPESCU, project manager

2. Assoc.prof.dr.eng.  IOAN LAZA, expert

3. Assoc.prof.dr.eng. DORIN LELEA, expert     

4. Assist.prof.dr.eng. ADRIAN-EUGEN CIOABLĂ, expert

5. Assist.prof.dr.math. OLIVIA BUNDAU, expert

6. eng. GAVRIL BRĂTEANU, expert

7. Assist.prof.dr.eng. GAVRILA TRIF-TORDAI, expert

8. ec. MARILENA BĂLUŢ, expert





“Mihajlo Pupin” Technical Faculty in Zrenjanin, part of University of NoviSad was founded in 1974, as a Pedagogical Technical Faculty, providing education in polytechnics. From 1979 to 1986, the Faculty broadened the scope of its activities by introducing the education in Computer Sciences, Basics of Technical Engineering and Production, Transportation and Metallurgy. In 1986 the Pedagogical Technical Faculty joined the Technical College and together they formed the “Mihajlo Pupin” Technical Faculty. Within the newly founded faculty, the following is established: Institute for Polytechnics, Institute for Engineering and Technological Department. In 1990, the Technical College in Zrenjanin separated from the former organizational structure of the Faculty, and since then the Institute for Polytechnics together and one part of the Institute for Engineering have formed the "Mihajlo Pupin" Technical Faculty.
TFMP project team members

1. Prof.dr.ing. MILAN PAVLOVIC, TFMP project team manager

2. MSc. eng. ALEKSANDAR DJURIC, expert


4.  Dr.eng. BOGDANA VUJIC, expert

5. MSc. eng. MARKO SIMIC, expert

6. Prof.dr BRANKO DAVIDOVIC, expert

7. Prof.dr MILAN NIKOLIC, expert

8. Prof.dr DEJAN DJORDJEVIC, expert

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