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Program: Romania – Republic of Serbia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme
Project title: Sustainable development of an research center in Banat region and Danube flow area through scientific research and environmental simulation tools to asses and evaluate potential threats
Project acronym: ENVIROBANAT
Priority axis: 1
Measure: 1.4
Project MIS ETC Code: 1425
Partners: “Politehnica” University of Timisoara & Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin” Zrenjanin
Thru its objectives the project is fitting well with priority axis 1 objectives and also with the European Union Strategy for Danube Region and the environmental challenges that EU imposes for Danube region. “Danube Region is a major international hydrological basin and ecological corridor. This requires a regional approach to nature conservation, spatial planning and water management. Pollution does not respect national borders. Major problems such as untreated sewage and fertilizer and soil run-off make the Danube highly polluted.” Our project answers very well to this call due to its direct implication in evaluating the Banat environment, including Danube Banat basin.

Project main objectives:

- Strengthening the cross-border cooperation between Banat Universities for the benefit of the quality of life
- Evaluating the environmental quality (air & water) in the Banat and Danube flow area
- Protection of regional environment by means of a novel scientific tools consisting of identification of the pollution risk
- Increasing the importance of R&D in cross-border area by developing an research network for environmental evaluation
- Creation of 2D and 3D area pollutants dispersion maps for the BANAT region
- Identification of the high polluted hot-spots in the Banat region and potential threats on Danube water quality
- Dissemination of know-how to specialists, young researchers, population and authorities.
Why do we care about this river … watch this movies and you will understand!

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